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Welcome to my site. This site shows the 3 passions I have. The first is my lovely doughter lucy, who was born the 1st of april 2004 (14 weeks premature). The second is traveling and the third is RISC OS computers. Please enjoy this small site.


Lucy was born on the first of april 2004. She came 14 weeks premature, but at the moment she is doing great. I have some pictures on this page.


On my Australian holiday in 2000 I met Alison from Scotland. After flying up and down to Scotland for one year we decided to live together in Holland. This resulted in our marriage on the 14th of juli 2003 in Zaandijk. We have put some wedding pictures here.


For my holidays I travel around the world. For your (and mine) enjoyment I have added some pages with pictures from these holidays here.

Other holidays will follow.

RISC OS Software

This software runs only on (Acorn) computers with RISC OS. This easy to use operating system was originally developed by Acorn (they made some wonderful computers too). Unfortuanatly Acorn was eliminated in the beginning of 1999 after more than 20 years of making some of the finest computers mankind ever saw in the 20th century. Nowdays RISCOS ltd has taken over the torch and continues to enhance this slim OS.


Here are some links to pages of friends of mine.

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