Taking pictures from us and a koala at the Rainforest station in Cairns.
Don't you love thoose legs.
A Kangaroo at the Rainforest Station.
Helen (left) hands out the keys on Fraser Island.
A shipwreck on the east beach of Fraser Island.
Alison on Fraser Island's east beach
Yeh, this is a big help to the blind people

Alison in front of the big banana

Leo in front of the big banana

The drivers. From left to right, Craig, Richard (student) and Steven (student)

The complete crew including Helen, the crazy cook.

The olympic flame.

Hockey at the Sidney Olympics. Final score Netherlands - Malysia 0 - 0.

Some dutch fans.

A view off the Olympics.

Some other dutch fans.

The towers of power.

Melbourne from the Rialto tower.

Melbourne again.

Melbourne Flinders street station.

Melbourne. The public tram.

Week 5 Start
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