[PDF] !PDF version 0.73a dd 990321

!PDF is a viewer for Adobe® pdf files. Pdf stands for 'Portable Document Format' and is designed by Adobe. A lott of files on the internet now days are in this format. Pdf files are also known as acrobat files because the viewer that is made by Adobe is called Acrobat.

Here is a changes list with all the major and minor changes made to !PDF.

!PDF has been tested on

I maintain a wishlist of requested features. If you know of some features please send me a mail and I will add it to the list.

!PDF is a port of the program xpdf from Derek B. Noonburg. The xpdf software and documentation are copyright 1996-1998 Derek B. Noonburg.


I have released the !PDF sources . Releasing these sources does not mean that I stop developing !PDF, in fact I hope to encourage others to take part in the development of !PDF. You can also use the code to learn how to develop C++ programs and use the the toolbox libraries and with this knowledge develop your own programs. I must warn you though that the sources could do with more comments.

To build !PDF you need to have the Acorn C++ compiler and the following libraries:

You also need !Amu to make the makefiles.

Please mail me any enhancements you make to !PDF. I will include these in the next release of !PDF.

I would like to thank Derek again for continuing the development of xpdf (he is now at version 0.8) and by releasing these sources in the public domain I have full filled a long overdue promise.

Last updated on 990328.